5 Tips to Save Money This Summer & Stay Cool!

5 Tips to Save Money This Summer & Stay Cool!

5 Tips to Save Money This Summer & Stay Cool!

1. Stop Cooling the Whole Neighborhood

Unless your home is brand new, cold air inside it is probably finding a way out through worn out window seals and doors, a poorly insulated attic, or other miscellaneous cracks.

You can do an ‘air leak audit’ of your home yourself by running your hand along doors and windows to feel if cold air is escaping. You can caulk around the windows and add extra insulation around the doors.

2. Thermostat Placement is Key

Making sure your thermostat is on the proper wall in your home can play a huge roll in how well your AC works. If this thermostat is placed on a wall right next to a window, your AC will want to turn on more often than it needs to, thinking the room is a different temperature than it really is.

3. Shut The Blinds

When you let the hot sun in through window panes, this won’t just heat up your thermostat, it’ll heat you up too. We recommend closing your blinds during the hottest point of the day. This will help insulate your windows which will stop any cool air inside from escaping outside.

4. Use Your Fan

In most cases, you will not need to bring the temperature down with your thermostat to feel cooler. If you use a ceiling fan, this can actually make a room feel as if it is 10 degrees cooler! It also uses only 10 percent of the energy a central air conditioner would use. How “cool” is that?

5. Higher Temps

AC systems tend to cycle on and off if the thermostat is set to a lower temperature when you are not home. This is inefficient for your system. You are better off setting the temperature on your thermostat to a little bit higher, if you are not going to be there, that way when you get home you can lower it to your needs. If it is higher, it will most likely not be cycling on and off all day to compete with outside temperatures. This will save you money and make your AC work more efficiently for longer periods of time.

Many people have a programmable thermostat to set higher temps when they are at work and lower temps when they return home.